Sitting is the new smoking. Since the rising prevalence of digital technology over the last 30 years, people have been spending more and more time sitting. With the development of remote workplaces and the up-tick in streaming services, more and more, people are sitting both at work and at play. To make matters worse, the fears surrounding COVID-19 have driven more and more people into their homes, where they are less active, get less sunshine, less fresh air, and become more and more susceptible to all manners of illness, disease, and pain conditions.

Sitting May Be the Greatest Threat to Your Health and Wellness

The body cleans and heals itself primarily through the circulatory system, and the heart alone is not enough to maintain the good, strong circulation of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood you need to be well.

When we move more, the heart pumps harder. The movement of the body also promotes circulation in areas remote from the heart. Consider your body as being similar to a body of water, or even the air in a room. The less that air or water moves, the more microbes, and debris can accumulate, grow, and cause problems. The same is true about the blood in your body. The more it moves, the better your general health.

Many pain conditions also develop in the musculoskeletal system as a result of immobility. The longer we are still, the more pressure is concentrated on single locations like the spine, hips, neck, and upper back. For optimal wellness and health, we need to limit the amount of time we sit each day. For those of us who must work at a desk, standing desks are an option. Choosing more active leisure activities is another important change we can all make.

When these things are not enough, chiropractic care is necessary. Your chiropractor can deliver valuable chiropractic treatment to help you overcome the dangers of too much sitting.

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