Chiropractors often combine chiropractic techniques with other natural therapies to round out their treatments. Massage is one of those therapies. At Lifetime Family Health Center in Grapevine, Southlake, and Colleyville, we often incorporate massage into our chiropractic treatments to relieve pain and discomfort of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. Here are just a few ways that massage therapy can complement chiropractic care.

Facilitates Chiropractic Adjustments

Our chiropractor uses adjustments to keep your musculoskeletal system in balance. Auto collisions, slip and falls, and sports accidents can result in bones and joints being knocked out of alignment, causing pain and loss of mobility. Adjustments help correct misalignments to ease pain and restore body function. Massage maximizes the benefits of adjustments by allowing the muscles around the joints to relax and reduce scar tissue and myofascial adhesions.

Improves Circulation 

Massage improves the circulation of blood throughout your body, particularly in injured areas, which accelerates the healing process. By maximizing blood flow, massage helps vital nutrients reach injured areas where they’re needed most. Combining massage with chiropractic care can speed up your recovery of musculoskeletal injuries.

Decreases Pain/Increases Mobility

Coupling massage with adjustments is more effective for pain relief and restored mobility than adjustments alone. Adjustments correct misaligned bones and joints that are causing pain and restricting the range of motion and mobility. Massage therapy relieves muscle tension and stress to promote better health and well-being. Together, these two therapies are more effective in relieving pain and promoting natural healing of your injury.

Whole Body Health

Massage complements chiropractic care in healing, strengthening, and rejuvenating your body so you can enjoy long term pain relief. After evaluating your condition, our chiropractor will determine how massage can be incorporated into your chiropractic care plan to maximize your treatment.

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To learn more about the benefits of massage and chiropractic care, contact Lifetime Family Health Center at 817-310-0301. For your convenience, we serve residents in Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, and the surrounding communities.

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